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Preview forums are designed to support you in improving the work in your portfolio and learning what different institutions look for in admission and scholarship applications.


You will meet with experienced college representatives from different institutions who will give you personal feedback on your work. Feedback and discussion will be constructive and informative. Representatives are interested in getting to know you and your work, and will give you specific advice on how to improve and edit your portfolio. Be prepared to get different feedback on your work, this is part of the learning process. Representatives will ask you questions about your work, your influences and goals – be prepared to engage with them.

All our events are free and open to the public.

what to expect...

  • ...if you are a high school senior preparing to apply to college.

    If you are in your last year of high school (senior, year 12, or 13) and you are preparing to apply to colleges to study art, design or related fields, the opportunity to meet in person with a senior admissions representative is highly important. It is often the last time you can get feedback on your work, advice on how to edit your application portfolio, and the chance to ask questions about programs and admission criteria. You have made an important personal connection and hopefully have impressed the representatives with your work, your conceptual abilities and your language skills. Most North American colleges cannot make a decision on the spot, but they can give critical feedback on how to prepare your application portfolio, and in some cases can accept your portfolio. Many European art colleges will have faculty at the forums who are able to make on-the-spot admissions decision.

  • ...if you are a high school sophomore or junior.

    If you are a sophomore or junior (or even a freshman), you will probably have less work to bring than older students. The college representatives will understand and expect this. This does not mean you are ‘not ready’ and should wait until you are e senior before planning to have a portfolio review. The opposite is true! College representatives really want to meet you and discuss your work early on. You will have more time to implement the advice they give you, and they will be able to follow your progress over several years. The feedback you receive will better prepare you for future reviews, when the stakes are higher. Even bringing just a few finished pieces and your sketchbook(s) can prove very useful and you will have made early contacts with your favorite art and design colleges! You will also learn about summer pre-college programs and will have plenty of time to research and apply.

  • ...if you are looking for graduate studies: MFA, MDes, MA, etc.

    If you are currently in an undergraduate (bachelors) degree program, or have completed such a degree and are planning to apply to graduate programs in art or design, attending a Preview forum is very important. Most graduate programs in North America require an interview as a final step in the application process. Many applicants never make it to this final step and are not invited for an interview at all. Meeting with faculty or admissions officers from a college at a Preview forum is almost like a pre-application interview. You get the opportunity to show your portfolio, discuss your work and interests, and ask questions about their programs and admission criteria. You have made an important personal connection and hopefully have impressed the representatives with your work, your conceptual abilities and your language skills. Graduate admission decisions are typically made at the departmental level, but the person(s) you meet with, will convey their impressions and observations to the chair of that department.

what to bring

Preview is all about your work.


Bring a selection of your best and most recent work. Bring as much original work as possible, and always bring your sketchbook(s).


You can share digital work any time, but at Preview you can share original works in real time. Bring finished pieces, works in progress, studies, models, and your sketchbook(s). Don’t worry about matting or framing your work. If you are unable to bring some of your original works with you, please present these photographically or digitally.


If you plan to show work digitally, be sure to bring your own laptop/digital device. Do NOT show your work on your phone!


Do not only visit with the colleges you already know, find out about other colleges present at the forum — you may discover a new favorite! Take full advantage of the great portfolio feedback you can get from any of the colleges present.


College representatives will also give audiovisual presentations about their institution and programs and can answer questions about application procedures and careers in art and design. Your parents, teachers and other trusted advisors are welcome to join you at Preview forums.

Preview forums are endorsed by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA).

International Portfolio Review Forum LLC is not an agency and will never charge a fee for attending.

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workshops near you

Join an intensive 2 ½ day weekend workshop to strategically improve your art portfolio.

  • Spend a long weekend working with faculty and admission reps from top art and design programs in North America and Europe.
  • Move your portfolio to another level of sophistication and competitiveness.
  • Get valuable advice on art colleges and application strategies.

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Preview Summer Portfolio Development Institutes (PDI)


Join our two-week Portfolio Development Institutes in different locations in the US and EU for a unique combination of 1 week of intensive art instruction and 1 week of art college visits.

Summer 2020 USA Programs

Preview Art College tours in


Join a one week art college tour under guidance of Preview staff. Visit top ranked art colleges, get individual portfolio reviews and get to know these campuses and cities.

Summer 2020 USA Tours


Check our online resources for information about studying abroad, admissions, listings of top art institutes and college rankings.

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Preview forums are endorsed by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA). In the following cities/countries Preview has partnered with:

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