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fall 2018

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east & south east asia tour

september 2018

Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

This is our second Spring tour to Mainland China. We have scheduled the forums around the major Spring College fairs in Shanghai and Beijing since we know quite a few art colleges plan to attend these again this year. These college fairs are free and Preview is not involved. Contact the schools directly to register.

Shanghai: 8th Annual Concordia World University Fair. Sunday March 11, 15:00-19:00

Contact Patrick Love:

Beijing: World College Fair, Dulwich College Beijing. Monday March 12, 15:00-20:00

Contact Julie Pankratz:  julie.pankratz@dulwichbeijing. cn

* Items in italics are not yet finalized


Costs for 2017-2018:


Preview forum:   $800-$1,000/event

Mini-forum:   $600/event

Mini-fair & mini-forum: $750/day

Mini-fairs (2-3/day):   $500/day

Mini-fair:    $350/event

Educator Receptions:   $250/event


All local ground transport between airport and hotel and/or between hotel and forum venue(s) is included.

Hotels and flights are not included.


Priority application & $1,000 deposit deadline January 26th.

Priority payment deadline February 7th.


Detailed schedule:


Shanghai hotel:

Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

159 South He Nan Road, Shanghai, 200010

Tel: +86 21 23218888


RT coach and/or high speed train transport from there provided to Suzhou and Hangzhou venues.




Friday March 9, 2018  ​Preview mini-forum Suzhou


Hosted at Dulwich College Suzhou

Dulwich shares a campus with Dulwich International High School, Suzhou and Suzhou High School SIP Campus

Students and staff will also be invited to join from:

Suzhou Singapore International School
Suzhou North American School
Suzhou High School Renmin Road Campus
Suzhou Experimental School – ULINK
UWC Changzhu
Through the Suzhou Culture and Arts Center we will invite all other local art schools/teachers.




Saturday March 10, 2018  ​Preview forum Hangzhou


Hosted at AIP on the campus of China Academy of Art

Event is coordinated with Goodwish Education, China Academy of Art and schools in Hangzhou and Ningbo.

We exepect over 200 students, including many looking for graduate programs.


Sunday March 11, Shanghai

Concordia World University Fair -15:00-19:00 (not a Preview event)


Monday March 12, Beijing

World College Fair, Dulwich College Beijing -15:00-20:00 (not a Preview event)




Beijing hotel:

Hilton Beijing Wanfujing

8 Wangfujing East Street, Beijing 100006, PR China

TEL: +86 10 5812 8812 FAX: +86 10 5812 8832


RT coach transport from there provided to Beijing mini-forum venue and to airport on Wednesday.


Tuesday March 13, 2018  ​Preview mini-forum Beijing


Host venue TBD

We expect many students from local schools, as well as the High School affiliated with CAFA and some of the top art portfolio programs such as PS One Art School, Sphinx etc.




Qingdao hotel:


RT coach transport from there provided to Qingdao mini-forum venue and airport.


Wednesday March 14, 2018  ​Preview mini-forum Qingdao


Host venue Pegasus California School

We will invite students from:

Qingdao Technology University, School of Art

Qingdao Science and Technology University, School of Art and Archetecture

Qingdao Agriculture University, School of Art and Media

Qingdao University, School of Art

Qingdao No.6 High School, International Art Program

Qingdao No.17 High School, Art and d=Design

Tianlong High School

Tianyi Art School




Chengdu hotel:


RT coach transport from there provided to Chengdu mini-forum venue and airport.


Thursday March 15, 2018  ​Preview mini-forum Chengdu


Host venue Chengdu Foreign Languages School AP Center



More details forthcoming

Preview forums are endorsed by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA). In the following cities/countries Preview has partnered with:

Escola de Artes Visuais

Parque Lage

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Casa Thomas Jefferson

Brasilia, Brazil

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