fall 2017

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hong kong and china tour

october 13-25

Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou

This tour has been our most successful tour in terms of student attendance. We will visit many of the same cities and venues as in previous years, and are adding some exciting new events. We have developed relationships with many of the top portfolio institutes and expect to see even more of these students on this tour.


* Items in italics are not yet finalized


Costs for 2017-2018:


Preview forum:   $800-$1,000/event

Mini-forum:  $600/event

Mini-fair & mini-forum: $750/day

Mini-fairs (2-3/day):   $500/day

Mini-fair:    $350/event

Educator Receptions:   $250/event


All local ground transport between airport and hotel and/or between hotel and forum venue(s) is included.

Hotels and flights are not included.


Priority application & $2,000 deposit deadline extended to August 21st

Priority payment deadline September 5th.


Detailed schedule:


Hong Kong:


Thursday October 12 arrivals

Mira Moon Hotel Hong Kong


Friday October 13  all day   mini-fairs    Hong Kong

Li Po Chun United World College

Canadian International School of Hong Kong


Saturday October 14  11:00-16:00  forum     Hong Kong

Chinese International School

All schools in HK are invited to send students & we get support from EdUSA.


Mainland China:


Sunday October 15  AM    high speed train to Guangzhou (~2 hrs.)

    13:00-18:00  forum     Guangzhou

The W Guangzhou


Monday October 16  all day   mini-fairs    Guangzhou

AISGZ, Nansha College Preparatory Academy, Garden School


    evening   coach to Shenzhen (~1½  hrs.)

Westin Shenzhen Nanshan (westin.nanshan@westin.com)


Tuesday October 17  AM   mini-fair    Shenzhen

Shenzhen Art School


    15:00-19:00  mini-forum    Shenzhen

Westin Shenzhen Nanshan


Wednesday October 18 AM   mini-fair    Shenzhen

Shekou International School


    afternoon  travel to Qingdao (resp. ~2½ / 3 hrs.)

Hotel TBD


Thursday October 19  14:00-18:00  mini-forum    Qingdao

Venue TBD, hosted by Pegasus California School


    Evening   flight to Beijing  (resp. ~2½ / 3 hrs.)

Hilton Beijing Wanfujing

Grand Hyatt Beijing at Oriental Plaza


Friday October 20  12:00-15:30  mini-fair    Hebei/Beijing

Fine Arts School affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts


    18:30-20:00  Educators Reception   Hilton Beijing Wanfujing


Saturday October 21  12:00-17:00  forum     Beijing

Beijing City International School


    Evening   flight to Shanghai  (~2¼ hrs.)

Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

The Westin Bund Center Shanghai


Sunday October 22  13:00-18:00  forum     Shanghai

Concordia International School


Monday October 23  AM   coach to Ningbo (~2½ hrs.)


    13:00-17:00  mini-forum    Ningbo

Ningbo Foreign Language School

Neighboring schools invited: Xiaoshi High School IB center , Zhenhai High School, Alevel Center, Huamao Foreign Language School, Barstow International School, Ningbo Nottingham University, Ningbo No. 3 High School, Ningbo Science and Technology Institution, Ningbo City College, Ningbo Da Hong Ying University, Ningbo Lihuili High School, Ningbo Wanli University, Ningbo University.


Hilton in Dongqian Lake


Tuesday October 24  AM   coach to Hangzhou (~1½ hrs.)


    13:00-17:00  mini-forum    Hangzhou

AIP of China Fine Art Academy

All schools and art training centers in Hangzhou are invited as well as the Bachelors students from China Fine Art Academy.


    evening  high speed train to Shanghai (~1 hrs.)

Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel

The Westin Bund Center Shanghai


Wednesday October 25 AM   coach to Suzhou (~1½ hrs.)


    11:00-16:00  mini-fair    Suzhou

Dulwich College, Suzhou

(in collaboration with Dulwich International, and local Chinese High School which all share one campus)

Most international schools in Suzhou as well as UWC Changshu will send staff and students.


    evening  group dinner & coach back to Shanghai



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