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fall 2017

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east asia tour

november 5-13

Seoul, Busan, Kaohsiung, Taipei, Hsinchu, Tokyo, Yokohama

This is a new tour combining Korea and Taiwan where we have organized successful events in the past with first time events in Japan.  Japan is showing solid growth for undergraduate study in art in the US. We are also adding some exciting new events in Taiwan, where the numbers of students studying art in the US are very strong! The tour ends on November 13th, in time for travel to Edinburgh if you are planning to attend the COIS Fair there on the 15th and 16th.


* Items in italics are not yet finalized


Costs for 2017-2018:


Preview forum:   $800-$1,000/event

Mini-forum:   $600/event

Mini-fair & mini-forum: $750/day

Mini-fairs (2-3/day):   $500/day

Mini-fair:    $350/event

Educator Receptions:   $250/event


All local ground transport between airport and hotel and/or between hotel and forum venue(s) is included.

Hotels and flights are not included.


Priority application & $2,000 deposit deadline September 21st.

Priority payment deadline September 29th.


Detailed schedule:


South Korea:


Saturday November 4  arrivals

Milenium Seoul Hilton

(this is an SAT test day)


Sunday November 5  11:00-15:00  forum     Seoul

Yongsan International School


Monday November 6  AM   high speed train to Busan (~2 ¾  hrs.)


    13:00-17:00  mini-forum    Busan

Busan Foreign School





Tuesday November 7  day off/fly to Taipei (~2 ½  hrs.)

Hotel Quote (member hotel SLH)


Wednesday November 8 AM  high speed train to Kaohsiung (~1 ¾  hrs.)


    13:00-16:30  mini-forum    Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung American School

All local schools will be invited to attend


    RT  high speed train to Taipei (~2 1/4   hrs. each way)


Thursday November 9  13:00-17:00  forum     Taipei

Taipei American School


Friday November 10  AM  coach to Hsinchu (~1¼  hrs.)


    13:00-17:00  mini-forum    Hsinchu

Pacific American School

All local schools will be invited to attend


    PM  coach to Taipei (~1¼  hrs.)




Saturday November 11 day off/fly to Tokyo (~2 ½  hrs.)

Hilton Tokyo Shinyuku


Sunday November 12  13:00-17:00  forum     Tokyo

Temple University, Japan


Monday November 13 AM  coach to Yokohama (~1¼  hrs.)


    15:30-18:30  mini-forum    Yokohama

Saint Maur International School

All local schools will be invited to attend


    PM  coach to Tokyo  (~1¼  hrs.)




Preview forums are endorsed by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA). In the following cities/countries Preview has partnered with:

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