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preview consulting services

Preview offers a range of specialized and customizable consulting services. Our highly experienced staff works closely with a wide range of international experts to guarantee a focused and effective approach.

post-secondary art and

design institutes

We offer consulting services to help you establish brand recognition and strategically expand international recruitment activities in specific countries and/or regions in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Central and South America.

secondary school art and

design programs

We work in a wide range of consulting roles with secondary schools to increase the effectiveness of their offerings in art and design education, including:


  • Curriculum development, integration and testing.
  • School accreditation
  • New faculty hiring and training
  • Faculty workshops and professional development opportunities
  • Visiting artist workshops, lectures and exhibitions
  • Faculty exchanges and summer programs
  • College advising for art and design students
  • Networking relationships with top art colleges in the world

The Preview staff and our team of international advisors bring together an extensive and diverse set of experiences in international higher education and secondary art education.


For more information and specific proposals, contact:


Hans Evers

+1 (561) 231-0389


Paul Pos

+1 (561) 231-0389

General Inquiries

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past projects

YMM Art Academy, Shenzhen P.R.C.

March, 2016-2017

Apeejay Education Society, India


Hans Evers led a team of Preview experts and Chinese educators in a year-long start up project for a new arts high school program. Our team developed the art curriculum and supervised curriculum integration, and testing. We hired international faculty, trained all faculty and staff, developed a western style college advising process, helped with marketing and promotion of the program, and researched accreditation pathways.


Principal Partners on the Project:


Team Leader and Interim Dean:

Hans Evers


Curriculum Development:

Paul Pos

Jenny Gifford




Paul Pos has worked with AES in New Delhi focused on:


  • Master training of teachers
  • Evaluation of teachers
  • Research on effects
  • Documenting findings, curricula design and guidelines for teaching
  • Developing collaborations between AES and the WdKA in Rotterdam


Principal Partner on the Project:


Paul Pos

Preview forums are endorsed by the National Portfolio Day Association (NPDA). In the following cities/countries Preview has partnered with:

PINS International Arts Education

Nanjing, China

Casa Thomas Jefferson

Brasilia, Brazil

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